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United Furniture Dubai welcomes you to get your hands on custom made furniture that you’ve ever found attractive and desired for yourself.

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Get Custom Furniture As Per Your Need

Whether you want to upgrade the interior decor of your places through furnishing or seek something extraordinarily comfortable to enhance your work productivity, we’ve got you regarding every need!

Seating Custom made Furniture

Get plush, comfy, and eye-catching sofas, stools, daybeds, chairs, recliners, end tables, coffee tables, futons, dining sets, and other pieces.

Workspace Furniture

Upscale your workplace interiors with our heavy-duty, durable, and comfortable chairs, computer desks, tables, sofas, partition boards, and storage items.

Outdoor Decorative Furniture

Make your outdoors useful and welcoming with our patio, balcony, terrace and garden chairs, lounge chairs, dining sets, and sofas.

Craft Your Dream Home with Bespoke Furniture in Dubai

We provide custom design furniture that elevate your space and meet your exact needs.

What We Offer

Following are our custom made furniture collections and styles trending in the UAE. You can have all kinds of customization for these.

Why Should You Get Our Custom Made Furniture?

The foremost best part about this furnishing is that we design it in sheer accordance with your lifestyle needs and aesthetic preferences.

Unbeatable Comfort

Our customized furnishing items provide excellent comfort and posture support.

Smart Space Saving

They are equally useful for both large and limited spaces.

Effortless Upkeep

Cleaning and maintaining these pieces requires no time or expenses.

Impressive Value

This custom-built luxurious furniture has a high resale value.

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Crafting Distinction Of Our Custom Furniture

We are the best wood furniture builder in Dubai and our furniture stands out with its perfection.


You can choose between softwoods (Cedar, Pine, Spruce, Redwood, etc.) and hardwoods (Oak, Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Elm, Teak, etc.) for custom design furniture.


In this category, we offer you full control over the styling, finishing, texture, design, and accessorizing of your furniture item so you can get your dreamy decor.


For maximum usefulness and comfort of seating items, we provide synthetic and natural upholstery options, glass and mirror styling, and accessories like cushions.

custom design furniture
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Our Previous Customized Furniture

custom design bed
Custom work table
custom dinging chairs and table
custom dining set
Customized United Furniture Dubai

Pathway Of Excellence!

If you want to know more about how we shall bring your dream furniture to life, here’s how we do it.

Discussions & Planning

We conduct detailed meetings to grasp your requirements best, devise furniture models accordingly, and send them to you for approvals.

Crafting & Designing

We get onto designing your desired furnishing piece, upholster or cover it, and add all the styling plus storage.

Delivery And Placement

We bring the finished item to your place, assemble it if needed, and can also assist you with suitable placements.

Why Choose Us?

United Furniture Dubai is a top-tier custom made furniture specialist that provides the most versatile and budget-friendly furniture customization in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Decades Of Excellence 

We’ve been serving Dubai home and business owners for over 15 years.

Long-term Useful Services

Our custom furnishing products and services will provide you with never-ending comfort.

Affordable Project Costs

We craft, style, and enhance every furniture item at completely affordable rates.

Dedicated Additional Treatments

You can benefit from our consultations, area measurements, assembling, and delivery services.

Custom design sofa

Acknowledgement From Customers

Here’s some valuable feedback from our recent customers which keeps us motivated. Do have a look at them before you prioritize us.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a versatile and purposeful range of furniture which includes all sorts of seating, sleeping, storage, ornamental, working, and lounging items for indoors and outdoors. Moreover, our services also include furniture upholstering, customization, finishing, repair, and restoration.

We offer multiple material choices for customized furniture, such as wood, metal, melamine, laminate, bamboo, MDF, and plastic. For enhancement and customization purposes, we employ glass, mirrors, and natural and synthetic fabrics, including leather, linen, velvet, etc.

This timespan can range from some days to a few weeks, depending on the size and number of items and design complexity. Furniture items that require deluxe upholstery treatments and elaborate treatments are likely to require more time than those with simple designs.

Of course, you can bring all kinds of old and/or damaged furniture to us and have it restyled with a modern design from us. We can modify the entire structure, fabrication/upholstery, and styling of your old items and turn them into sleek, space-saving, and low-maintenance pieces.

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