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SPC Flooring by United Furniture Dubai is an innovative and modern version of vinyl flooring that is incredibly hard-wearing, durable, and befitting for every space.

SPC Flooring Dubai
high build quality

Top Quality Construction

Multiple Size Options

High Impact Resistance

Extreme Longevity Levels

Versatile Design Options

SPC Waterproof Flooring

We Supply The Finest SPC Waterproof Flooring In Dubai

This flooring is the smartest and most cost-effective treatment for every indoor and outdoor floor and can be used on a commercial scale as well. Its exceptional sturdiness and strength come from its rigid stone polymer core which makes it resistant to all kinds of damage. We offer this unique flooring in a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns to ideally complement every kind of interior decor.

Another best part about this floor treatment is that it offers the same aesthetics as high-end floors, like stone, tile, or wooden ones.

Explore The Design Choices Available For Our SPC Vinyl Flooring

As mentioned earlier, this flooring can resemble any luxurious floor most authentically, and you can create any kind of opulent decor on a budget with it. From realistic wood grains to textured tiles, there are innumerable design and format choices to select.


SPC Tile Flooring

SPC Plank Flooring


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SPC Vinyl Flooring
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Key Advantages Of Installing Our SPC Flooring 

With this kind of floor treatment, you won’t need to spend on costly treatments and can enjoy the same level of beauty and allure in your surroundings. As for the functional worth, the addition of this flooring will insulate your interiors and help to maintain temperature all around.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance 

100% Slip-Resistant Surfaces

Underfloor Heating Suitability

Effective Energy Conservation

Applications Of Our SPC Durable Flooring In Dubai

Here are some of the best usage recommendations for our high-quality SPC Vinyl Flooring.

Master Bedrooms

Living Rooms

Dining Rooms

Guest Bedrooms



SPC Durable Flooring

Laundry Rooms

Mudrooms, Basements

Offices And Receptions

Halls And Corridors

Public Spaces

Outdoor Areas

Spc Flooring

Hire Our Team For SPC Luxury Flooring Installations 

At United Furniture Dubai, we ensure the fact that you get all the required flooring essentials under one roof and with maximum convenience.


Subfloor Treatments & Fixing

We make your subfloors damage-free, well-leveled, and squeaky clean. At this point, you can also have underfloor heating systems or the installation of additional underlayments.


Flooring Fitting & Finishing

We install the flooring in a quick timespan and carry out the necessary finishing touches. You can also have it painted or get unique tile/plank/board pattern creations.


Flooring Maintenance & Care

We offer complete guidance about the care and cleaning of this unique flooring. In addition, you can hire our experts for effective maintenance or for fixing any damages.

SPC Luxury Flooring
Flooring Samples

Why Choose Us?

With us, you’ll experience the most budget-friendly, value-for-money, and hassle-free floor treatments. SPC Vinyl Flooring is one of our trendiest products and the ideal solution to upgrade home or office floors.


Free Flooring Samples

You can get flooring material samples free of cost from us in order to have satisfactory purchases.


Free Floor Measurements

We also offer free site visits to measure the accurate dimensions of your desired floor surface.


Free Online Consultations

Our experts can be contacted online or in person to get the best flooring design/material suggestions.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our SPC flooring is an ideal choice for not just residential areas but also for commercial ones. It is sturdy, heavy-duty, and wear-resistant and an exceptionally best choice for all areas with high footfall. Besides, it is very easy to clean and also offers energy efficiency.

Yes, this flooring is 100% waterproof, which is one of the features that make it a worthwhile floor treatment. It can be installed in all moisture-prone areas like bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and even outdoors. Also, it is a suitable choice for basement floors.

No, this flooring is highly scratch as well as dent-resistant and can retain its attractive look for years on end. That’s what makes it a great choice for homes with kids and pets. However, it’s important to not drag furniture on top of it or drop heavy stuff, as that could lead to scratching.

With accurate and regular maintenance, this flooring can last for up to a good 30 years and even more. It is one of the most resilient and hard-wearing floor treatments which is equally suitable for residential and commercial settings. Still, careful usage and timely upkeep are necessary.

SPC flooring is much better than traditional vinyl flooring in multiple functional and aesthetic aspects. That’s primarily because it has a rigid stone polymer core which makes it much more dent-resistant and durable than vinyl flooring that has a soft and damage-prone core. Besides, SPC is also more scratch-resistant.

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