Best Solid Wood Flooring In Dubai

Consumers are definitely not short of options, with all the wood flooring variants on the market today. Although with all these variants, solid wood flooring is the only option among the laminate, engineered wood, and luxury vinyl tile that is best for any budget. As nothing can compare to the real thing for certain people. Here the question arises, is wood flooring is the right option for you then what you want to know about it?  Well, we can explain this to you in our customer’s buying guide.

So let’s get deeper with the ins and outs of buying solid wood flooring without further ado!

solid wooden flooring in UAE

solid wooden flooring in UAE

solid wood flooring

solid wood flooring

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solid wood flooring supplier in UAE

solid wood flooring in UAE

solid wood flooring in UAE

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solid wood flooring dubai

best solid wood flooring in Dubai

best solid wood flooring in Dubai

How we made Solid wood flooring?

As the name suggests, solid wood floor is a type of flooring that is made up of a single piece of wood and also referred to as ‘hardwood’’  In addition, several layers of condensed parts of the wood are made from engineered wood and laminate.

Solid wood flooring has many variants, with planks that vary in width, thickness, and weight. This difference can be significant across ranges.

Lengths can vary from 300 mm to 2220 mm; widths range from 92 mm to 190 mm anywhere, and thickness can be from 10 mm to 21 mm anywhere.

This enormous choice should make it simple to find the ideal flooring. And the species of wood also plays a major role when it comes to style.

It all depends on budget and personal demands. So we give our clients within a budget the best and high-quality semi wood flooring with all its features so that you can save your money.

Benefits of using Solid Wood Flooring

 What qualities and benefits you are looking for in your wood flooring? Then let’s discuss the benefits we are providing in our flooring.

  • Straight-forward installation

Our quality solid wood flooring is specifically milled to ensure they are easy to install and contain a very uniform and stable fit.

  • Easy to clean

Such kind of flooring is eventually the best option for accumulating dirt, dust, and debris. And our solid wooden flooring is the best choice to consider to boost this logic why you should select this flooring. That’s it.

  • High-quality look

If you are wanting the elegant and high-end aesthetic look then the type of solid wood flooring includes solid oak flooring would be the best option to choose which offers the warmth, beauty, and value of wood at a time and never goes out of style.

  • Strength and durability

It is the superlative quality floors that are kiln-dried and easy to manufacture and install with certain standards to meet. Thus, this thing makes it a unique option for heavy foot traffic so now you can decide to choose it.

  • Ageless Quality

If you need the more valuable solid wood flooring then keep in mind that it will not provide long-lasting use but also provide a beautiful look to your floor coverings.


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Why choose us?

United Furniture Dubai, the name of a reputable and excellent solid wood flooring manufacturer has offered its customers the incredible and seemingly best product, now you can buy Solid wooden flooring in Dubai without any trouble.  Just you have to select the right flooring for your home floors and then the other part leave on us. We will provide you the different colors, sizes, and styles in your selected flooring such as solid wood laminate flooring & solid oak wood flooring types within a budget.

We hire a dedicated project manager to ensure the specifics of your project are managed efficiently and effectively. Your phone calls are answered by our efficient helping desk members. We’re turning up on schedule. We also know projects will interrupt the routine of your family. Inside your house, we aim to reduce disturbance. Having a solid wood flooring company in Dubai helps us to concentrate time and energy on where it is best used: directly on your floors, where we sand, repair, refinish. whatever is needed to improve your floors. Get in touch with us today!